Saturday, December 26, 2009

another rut.

My little sister caitlyn is sick again. A trip to the ER. more later.

Friday, December 18, 2009

To be continued...

in the morning.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Christmas List

1. This dreary oregon weather will miraculously clear and my cows will birth with no complications. Then I will wake up on Christmas morn and there will be a blanket of snow. I can hope right.

2. A red peacoat. What could be better?!

3. MadGab. "Eye mull of mush sheen" This would be so amazing to play with some camp friends!

4. New scarves, you can never have too many and I don't have enough.

5. Dozens upon dozens of tamales will make themselves! And I won't have to.

Mostly I just want a peacoat. I could think of some pretty handy things I could use this year like walky talkies for on the farm, but they aren't must haves. And I really want the feasting process to go just as smoothly as Thanksgiving did.

I don't think I did mention Thanksgiving, so now I will. It started about 2 days early for my family. There was lots of food to be cooked and one very small 1960's stepford housewife kitchen. We had no choice but to start early. Glutenous pies were baked the night before, that I slaved over past midnight. Stuffing was mixed minus the eggs and ready to go. Every vegetable was cut and put into a container for each part of the meal. The whole meal was planned and simple to put together day of. Never in my life do I recall a Thanksgiving meal going so smoothly. Although, I'm sure it had something to do with four adult women working together in the kitchen. It was the best ever.

Which reminds me, I need to figure out the meal plan for the holidays!

Monday, December 14, 2009

To wrap it all up

The last ten days have been hell-FREEZING OVER. I'm utterly and completely serious, 40 degrees has never felt so amazing.

The ground got hard and cold, and the air was so frigid. Our hoses started freezing, since we didn't do any sort of freeze protection which meant we had to haul water to the back and front pasture. We had to haul water for 8 head of cattle, 4 goats, 2 turkeys, 5 rabbits, 2 geese, 21 laying hens, and 7 ducks. It was...interesting.

As the ground froze it got easier to navigate the previously mudded pastures, but the air became so hard to breathe. This past Wednesday I started feeling run down, my throat sore, congested, etc. This morning I woke up and it's hard to swallow food and water. LAME! I have been downing tea with lemon, ginger, and honey like you wouldn't believe.

We tried thawing out the hoses with space heaters, and letting water run so they wouldn't freeze. Well letting the water run should have worked, but then our well froze. I am not kidding. We had the well pump replaced about a month ago, but the company who did cut off all the insulation that had been there. We didn't realize that, so one of the many nights it got down to the teens our water froze. We called the company and they came out to thaw it. After that we re-insulated the pipes. Basically the water problem has just been one big fiasco.

At one point we were pulling water from the spicket inside the garage that the washer and dryer is hooked up to since it was the only spicket that didn't freeze.

So much for writing everyday huh? I'll try to get diligent about it.

On the upside:

We got lights on the tree inside, we got some icicile lights up in the windows, and will be making potato latkes this weeks. They are the best thing about our Christmas/Hannukah festivities. Actually food in general is. I love the holidays and cooking. When I retire someday, I might actually consider some avenue in which cooking is heavily involved.

To Do List:
  • put ornaments on the inside tree
  • make popocorn garland strand for the birds for outside. This is something we do every year. We string together fresh cranberries and plain popcorn on fishing line and then put up ornaments of pine cones/peanut butter/bird seed. I'm so excited since we have plenty of blue jays in the neighborhood.
  • put lights up on the outside of the house
  • begin the 2 day process of making tamales
  • the intense cooking that goes on. This year will include tamales, homemade davinity, tons of cookies, homemade eggnogg, crown roast(lamb), and so much more.
  • straighten up the house for a smallish family xmas party for this coming weekend=lights and the trees gotta be done by THURSDAY
  • put together a scrapbook page for a gift
  • loom knit at least 2 more scarves and a hat
  • get unsick!
Oh and along the way I have made plans to spend New Year's eve in San Jose with some family. My dad is picking up my sister from her mom(in Ukiah, California) this Thursday but he's a pansy and doesn't want to drive her back down because of the weather. So me and my honey will take her back, I get to see my aunt and we'll spend new years with his coolest cousins.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Joy Continued...

Wednesday Morn:
I have class in an hour, its 8 am, and I absolutely can't be late. You see, my WR 214 prof. put this lovely little addition to the grading of our final presentations. If we are late, she will dock points from our individual grade for the presentation. LAME!

I quickly changed out of my pajamas and dress(see previous post for an idea of this outfit). I chuck some hay into the wheelbarrow and grab a 5olb sack of grain and head towards the pasture. Once inside I must trudge-not walk-through mud about 6 inches high after freezing almost entirely towards the trough/hay rack. It's a way to burn calories in the freezing cold, let me tell ya. While in the pasture I do my normal round of checking for mucous on rear ends, enlarged/elongated nipples, softening of the vulva(the area on the outside), and bagging of milk. Anne checked out ok, nothing out of the norm. Penny and Pansy; same thing.

Ebony however; entirely different story. Her nipples are swollen, she's walking incredibly slow, and holding her tail as if she is trying to prevent the calf from coming out. I HAVE CLASS IN LESS THAN AN HOUR NOW! The world is not always so nice to us. I deliver the news and delegate to amazing sisters. I hightail it to WR 214, half an hour late to a 50 min. lecture so I can turn in the papter I worked so hard on. Was it worth it? Iuno.

From what I was told the calf was born around noon on December 2 in the mud that was icy. After my sisters getting stuck in the mud three different times carrying, what they didn't know was an 8o lb bull, calf out of pasture. They are amazing I must say.

When I got home all I had to do was deliver some colostrum to the calf, and halter mom. She's a pasture cow and hasn't had a halter on in about a year. We managed to get here tied up to the side of the barn and calm, with feed, hay, water, and her healthy baby bull.

Despite the physical exhaustion, frustration, and cram studying for next week's finals all is well on the farm. It's days like the past two that put joy back into the hardwork of tilling a garden, driving t-posts into the grown, getting shocked my hotwire, and landing ass backwards in mud. I don't mind how crazy it all seems, because I am a little crazy and I'm really enjoying this. Till next time!

Btw: His name is Buddy Holly, after a rock legend!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Joy On a Frosty Day

(Preface:I tried to post this last night but about halfway through typing my comp started acting crazy so this is it, well part of it. Hope you enjoy!)

For this post I am just going to recall the past 60 hours of my life.

Tuesday Night:
Its approximately 8 pm when my sister come in from smoking her cancer stick saying, "I need your help, the animals are freaking out!" Naturally, after 8 years of farm life I jump up and dress for the weather. Keep in mind that I put on a thermal, hoodie(that was so tastefully tucked into my sweatpants), one huge wool jacket that makes anyone look like a lumberjack, two pairs of sucks, and nasty cold muck boots that were left on the porch all in about 2 minutes. I banter out the door, grab the flashlight off the picnic table and head straight for the pasture gate.

After flashing the light, two bales of hay, and a few good loud whistles the cattle come bounding up from the back pasture. Cows, especially pregnant ones, when presented with food are generally happy unless in distress. Well they ate, A LOT! We thought that maybe there was a cow going into labor, not so much.

Just for good measure walked the pasture, in the dark(the beautiful full moon was covered by giant evergreens), with the smell of skunk in the air, our flashlight dying, up to 12 inches of mud in places, and potentially some wild animal terrorizing my livestock. Oh goody! There was no newly birthed calf laying on the ground and nothing we could see so we headed back inside after putting the goats in the barn.

I woke up late. Had to type a 1.5 page paper for my 9am class, got done doing so around 8. After peering out my window it dawned on me that my sister had not fed the cows. (this about where my comp started acting up.)

To be continued...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wow time flies.

It makes me a bit sad that I have not updated in 2 months and 2 days. I will try and start posting something everyday from here on out. I cant wait! Except that I have to since I am dying to have some fantastic chai tea. And no Elisa, it does not smell bad.

And I absolutely need to write more, my grammar is getting notorious.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I really don't want to write my paper.

Blech. An email of intent, essentially its a preliminary report on what my research project proposal will be. But its still lame. Our project proposal is supposed to involve a company with poor Corporate Social Responsibility within our field, and then provide a suggestion on how they could improve it by joining or adding to a cause etc Blach!!!

I'm so tired, too. Not sleeping well, but that might be because of Jimmy's sudden desire to let me know of his existence. Why I'm not so sure. Haven't heard from this guy in over a year now, finally accept that for no apparent reason I am a horrible person and therefore should be ignored. Then POOF, a text message:/


Then a facebook message; "I've been a dick yea I know, reasons I was an immature retard. Why I haven't been saying shit is kind of a long story. But how have you been though, good I hope? How is school going, hope your mom an Katie are doing good. Message me if you want and whenever."

REALLY?!! Come on.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My guilty pleasures:

-Ricky Martin cd's. I have three. And not the english albums :)
-RedBull. Its so bad for you especially when drank(or drunk) in quantities more than 20 oz., which of course I do. Well did. I'm off the stuff for now. Let's see how long we can keep it that way!
-SOUR PATCH! If I have a few bucks and they're available I'll buy 'em everytime. Sour straws, off brand, brand new, sour patch watermelons. They're soooooooooooo good.
-Tea. Man how I love tea. Although I did not drink nearly enough this summer, but in the fall and winter I can't survive without it. Green tea, black tea, white tea, roiboos, herb, or flower petals. It's so effing fantastic.
-mom's lasagna.
-NCIS, House, CSI, One Tree Hill. Damn primtime. Oh well.
-Laying in the grass and cloud watching. What else would you do with perfectly abundant Oregon clouds?
-watching Empire Records with my sister while she dances around like a lunatic
-sitting in a diesel pick up going anywhere

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You know, it's funny a thing, perception is.
I went and saw my mentor yesterday which was really nice. She got to asking me about Jimmy. Another bullet. Obviously I told her that we are no longer going out. Bonnie is such a sweetheart, she's always been there the last three years. I guess I never had the cojones to let her know that I could be a weak person. Bonnie asked who the new fella was. After telling her how small town but incredibly bright and open-minded Brandon is, she told me that I have interesting taste in men.

It's so weird to think that Jimmy was that much of a part of my life that even mentor really liked him. It didn't even occur to me that I forgot to send a mass message to anyone who has ever met him and I I(together that is) that we are no longer and not to ask anymore. Goodness gracious.

I never thought that life could be this bright, colorful, and lively. I'm much happier now. I love the sun.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I split total of about 12 cords of wood in the last two days with help.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You never really realize how stupid you were when you were younger until your sibling is at that age being just as stupid, or maybe a bit more. Oh how time flies.
In the last 2.5 years I have
  • received a GED from LBCC
  • enrolled at Oregon State University
    and completed 47 credits.
  • Moved out of my Dad's apt
  • Moved in with my sister while she was pregnant with my niece
  • Moved in with my 2 other sisters who were really crappy roommates
  • and finally moved back in with my Mom
  • taken a herd of 5 cows to 9 cows +4 lambs, 5 dairy goats(one being a smelly Billy), 2 turkeys, 25 laying hens, 2 geese, 2 pigs and 9 ducks.
  • bought my sweet ass laptop
  • worked at a summer camp which was by far the best Girl Scout camp experience ever having met a lot of sketchy creeper good friends.
  • grew a garden with tomato plants over six feet high!
  • canned a scrumptious plum sauce
  • picked something close to 50 lbs. of cherries
  • met someone great at Applebee's
  • read the best book of my life; "Way of The Peaceful Warrior"(DONT watch the movie, its HORRIBLE)
  • gone to Warped Tour for the first time ever
  • saw Taking Back Sunday for the second time and Blink 182
  • One Tree Hill is still the only soap that I watch
  • learned to be happy when its so much easier to be angry
  • loved having my own cala lillies.
Thats about it. I'm pleased.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Sipping tea...

You know I can't tell you the last time I sat at my computer in the evening and drank some earl gray while listening to Brand New. I'm guessing that there was freezing rain and I was still single. Not that not being single has anything to do with my inability to "Veg" and do what i want to do, merely a reference of time.

The last couple of weeks I have really been trying to turn everything down. Not rejection, just trying to enjoy every sound I can at a level that is not damaging. I love sounds of everything but I am a sucker for words. Make anything poetic or abstract and I can't resist, especially when coupled with a good tune. (Play Crack the Sky-Brand New) "Calm rows they travel fast and alone, one hundred foot faces of God's good ocean gone wrong. They call love is a risk to always get hit out of nowhere by some wave and end up on your own. They hole in the hull defied the crews attempt to bail us out. Flooded the engines and radio..."

Its funny how one song means something different each time you listen to it. But that album is always the same song bleeding into the next reminding you of the first time you really felt the music. And its entirely unconscious. It's by far one of the best feelings.

Yours Truly,

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Do you tell your dreams to? Your fears? Your everything?

Friday, August 7, 2009


for some reason it just captivates me. I have been reading "Atop an Underwood", a collection of the early works of Jack Kerouac. He was a locally published writer at the age of 13! He reported on sports as well as creating his own zines with fantasy sports leagues. Reading how a boy becomes a man through so many different stories is truly amazing.

I don't recall if I have mentioned that I want to write a book. It's difficult, since I want to write about my life experiences. As much as I would love to have a book out tomorrow, I simply have not yet lived enough to finish.

It's odd though how Blogging has given anyone the chance to essentially publish their story. In a way its like exploiting yourself.I get many ideas here and there or come up with the perfect combination of words for a single sentence. Rather than impulsively publish on a blog I hope to write and save everything so that when the time comes I don't have to recycle any of my own material. I want every part to be unread and completely new to whoever picks up the hardback.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Have I Mentioned...

That I slayed the beast.

About 2 months ago now my boyfriend decided to a buy"part time truck". He needed one to haul stuff for projects on his grandparent's house, such as the ton of brick for the garden wall, and for me to haul the animals, feed, or hay. We both needed a "part time truck" so it works out.

The Beast is a 1991 Ford 3/4 ton (250) pick up with manual locking hubs for the 4x4. It was bought from a wood-hauling company, so its complete with chipped paint on the hood and a LOT of dents. She's a beauty. Functional junk as he likes to call it.

July 3rd I borrowed the truck to take out to our old cattle property behind Crescent Valley High and pull up some much needed fencing for the new property. The property is actually part of the Jackson Frazier wetlands,but this is not where I ran into problems. During the two months we had pulled the cows off the property the grass grew past 4ft high. This is where the 4x4 comes in handy. We drove through the field, pulled some t-posts, got loaded up and were ready to go. My sister decided to have a smoke while I turned the Beast around.

In doing so, some hot-wire fell out of the truck and unraveled and got caught around the u-joint on the back part of the drive shaft. My sister flagged me down when she realized something was stuck so immediately I stopped. Bear in mind this was during the first Heat Advisory. Laying in 4 ft of grass we took turns cutting the fire out until we were confident we had gotten it all. La-dee-da. Took off on my way home.

All of a sudden I hear a short squeal. I stop ASAP and check to make sure I properly switched back into 2 wheel high from 4 wheel low. Everything seemed alright, and headed out. On Highland another 2 squeals. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Stop at the Good Sam Pharmacy to pick my mom's prescription, and take another look underneath. Nothing.

Finally I get up to highway speeds and almost make it home. I forgot to grab my stepdad his drug of choice: Mountain Dew. I hop out at the Peoria Corner Market and smell something burning. I look around, don't see anything. Pop my head underneath the truck and the transmission is spewing bright pink fluid. No bueno. I'm stuck. At 4pm on a friday. The 3rd of July. In the heat. I call B.

I am prepared for anger, no, WRATH. There is none. He took off work early, and headed right over. We assess the situation and then spend the next three hours pulling out the rear axles and drive shaft to make sure we don't put any excess stress on the tranny or rear end. It was so incredibly hot.

In the midst of pulling out the axles and taping over them, he starts wiping oil up off the ground. "Man I really hate going for a ride and hitting oil on the pavement, it kicks the tires out." I just caused almost a $1000 in damage to HIS truck and he's worried about getting oil on the road, because of the danger it poses for motorcyclists. Who woulda thunk? That's why I love this guy. He had all the reasons to be pissed. When the wire got caught around the drive shaft in the field the title "How To Piss Off Your Boyfriend 101" popped into my head for a blog, but it was so completely wrong.

A whole blog of my idiocracy just to say that I love him for being different.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Best thing so far this summer...

My half sister came up to visit this summer while her mom relocates everything to Ukiah, California. Its been fun having her around and her getting to experience the farm life since she has lived in Houston practically her whole life.

My plan was to take the girls camping and I have heard so much amazing stuff about Silver Falls. I got online to try and book a tent site, but no luck. They are full until after August which is when she leaves. Bummer right? Bee suggested we take her and my other rival sister Jordan hiking. Its cheap so it fits into my budget well and we hiked the whole Canyon Trail on Monday.

By far it is the best thing I have done this summer. No joke. I figured it would suck major since I was taking an 11 year old and a 14 year old. I was so impressed with their upbeat attitude about all 8.7 miles. They did fantastic, no complaints until the last half mile. I think hiking is something I'm going to continue to pursue.

BTW: I had no idea how long it takes a video to upload on this...urgh. Still waiting...DONE!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Galatea Dunkel

I feel like I know this woman. As I became aware of her travels Eastward, I instantly knew that same very feeling of love and heartache that hopes. I especially know how to loathe the sketchy character Dean Moriarty. The woman who chases her lover all over the country, while he galavants off with whores. Except in this case its not a lover but a dear sister playing Ed Dunkel. And these whores are not women, but in fact so many very different versions of Dean.

The versions of Dean that most all women avoid, but they have a radar that finds Ed. He talks his crazy Gurgle Burble, per usual old Ed nods and clings to every word and follows submissively.

The way Dean can make someone drop everything without warning, he makes my skin crawl. Whether or not Dean can cry or be in fact a Real person is not relevant. He is inconsiderate and hope he does not pull Ed away from us again.

Please hope for my sister.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Where is that Jack Kerouac?

"It was a real love dance."

"Isn't it true that you start your life a sweet child believing in everything under your father's roof? Then comes the day of the Laodiceans, when you know you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked, and with the visage of a gruesome grieving ghost you go shuddering through nightmare life."

"But then they danced down the streets like dingledodies, and I shambled after as I've been doing all my life after people who interest me, because the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding likes spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes 'Awww!'"

Favorite quotes from On the Road thus far.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

So far this summer...

This is actually a post continued from my xanga! Huzzah. Moving on.

This past May I did a silly thing and moved back in with my Mom, which isn't too bad. Its this nice little house with lots of rhodies and english ivy(BAD stuff!). There are apple, plum, and cherry trees, a million Himalayan blackberry brambles and GRAPEVINES. I was so very happy about all this, especially the grapevines. I wasn't so excited when I found out there were brambles mixed in with a row of the grapevines, they were a bitch to cut out. Huzzah its done.

Another fantab idea my mom had was for us to get more laying hens and a few waterfowl. of course I agreed and now we have 26 hens, 11 ducks, and 4 geese. A few right? Not a chance. We finally got around to fencing off an enclosure for them last week, thank goodness. They had been running around backyard which was all fine and dandy, the epitomy of farm life, except that ducks poop a lot...on our deck. No bueno.

For the 3rd of July I had a blast. No really i did. Brandon's family does the fireworks show in Indy every year, and I got to participate. Unfortunately that meant spending a whole day backfilling a trench that was dug with the backhoe about 3 feet too deep. Oo yay. And then setting mortars, which are a piece of pvc with a cork bottom. the explosives are set in the mortars. Each inch in diameter is the equivalent to 100 feet in the air. Well first off i must say that blowing things up in your face seems incredibly wrong and unnatural, and probably the most fun I have had for 4th weekend ever. Whats even more crazy is that you are set up in teams and covered from head to toe in firefighting gear. The teams consist of one person lighting(me) and someone "backing you up"(creepy old guy). Back you up means putting out any flames on your back. Really. Crazysauce.

Spring term I decided to enroll in a Cuban Salsa class at the University which was incredible fun and I have fallen in love with Casino style. Sadly the class was only ten weeks long and I'm under 21 so I can't go to Latin X Night at Cantina. Bummer. Fortunately the Cuban Salsa Club on campus has open practice at the Women's building, but I have not gone once this summer. Why?! Why?!! Ugh.

Brandon asked for help to demolish a giean pick up sticks pile of wood at his grandparents' house. It was supposed to be a pretty standard task. Arrange the wood into what can be cut with the miter saw and what has already been cut and to stack it. Okay, no problem right? WRONG-O! We were just tackling this woodpile when Brandon went inside to grab the radio. I moved a single piece of wood and saw a few fuzzy Bumble Bees. I figured it was no biggy and I kept workin away. Approximately two minutes later there are bees everywhere. We opted not to use the flying insect spray, so we grabbed the hose and soaked them so they couldn't fly. By this point we assumed there was a nest close by. We kept working and then B found the nest of Bumble Bees. It was a disaster but no one got stung so instead we decided to dig a trench to lay down some brick for his Grandad. The following week we made a second attempt at the wood pile. Same thing. The nest was in some decomposing wood that had started to mulch at the bottom of the pile. We have yet to finish the wood pile. Any suggestions on how to get rid of them without a slaughter?

Camp reunion at Commie's place was great. I love being able to see everyone and meet older staff members. I miss everyone. Camp last year was one of the most defining experiences for me. It brought a light to just about everythign in my life. Thank you.

So far thats it except working at the auction. Yay.


Thursday, July 2, 2009


Eighteen year old sophmore at Oregon State, majoring in Animal Sciences with a beef option. I like long walks on the beach and reading fiction. haha. just kidding.
I do actually love reading fiction. I am currently reading a novel; Jack Kerouac's On the Road. I'll let ya know how it turns out. I have been so busy this summer that I haven't opened a book since June 1! That's incredibly awesome since I'm not in classes, but at the same time it really blows. Reading is a great way to relax I think, it really helps take my mind off things.

I don't really know how I would describe myself. I used to think of myself as a rebel, but more and more I am discovering how plain Jane I really am. I'm the girl that used to wear dickies, beaters, and hi-tops everyday. Now I'm the girl in jeans, a nice blouse, and a pair of flats...that is if I'm not covered in mud and sweat from a long day's work on the farm. Its kinda funny how a girl born in Liberty, New York and after living in Houston for 7 years decides to go to college to be a farmer. Its a good way to go I think.

This kind of lifestyle really makes me feel connected to my family that has passed. My grandparents lived a sustainable life in the Catskills(northern part of the Appalachian Mts. kinda like the Cascades of New York) and I never really got a chance to know them. Now my mom teaches me some of the things they taught her. And despite how much my little sister and I fight, it gives us a chance to work together on some things and prove to Mom that we don't always want to kill each other.

More Later.


Mmp tis mmp tis mmp tis

I have finally upgraded from my middle school xanga account! I think that's pretty damn exciting.

Fantab news yesterday; the four cows we thought were bred and due any time now are actually only 3 -5 months preggers. Which unfortunately means winter calves. Translation: I have to rearrange and restack 14.7 tons of hay so that we can build stalls in the barn for calving in December. I lied that's not fantastic, it blows. That's just been the swing of things lately.

Everytime I think I've got things under control, the North Wind blows. For instance, I'm working at the Eugene Livestock Auction every Saturday and the second Sunday of each month. My official title is "Livestock Handler". I like it, it's fun. The only downer is that's once a week, 8-10 hours at minimum wage. It's just enough to cover gas for the month plus $40. Since its minimal work I applied for a part-time postion driving combines for a guy out ot Crescent Valley. I got the job about two weeks ago, but have yet to be trained on the equipment. 0 hours! Bah! Some job I must say.

Did I mention that I am a mondo fan of Craigslist, I have managed quite a few bargains! A few months ago I was checkin out the site and noticed everyone was selling their cattle, I thought that was a bit odd since Fall is the best time to sell calves. Didn't think much of it. I started workin at the auction about a month ago now, and horse sales are goin way up. You can buy a perfectly healthy and saddle broken Thoroughbred gelding for $300!!! Who woulda thunk? To sum this up, I'm not getting any work in the hay fields, because the people that usually buy all the hay have been selling their animals. No demand. Prices for hay are down too, but i'm still broke! yay for being a college student in the summer.

Try not to let this post taint your thoughts on my blog, I usually don't complain this much ever. Hope I can keep some people interested.