Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My guilty pleasures:

-Ricky Martin cd's. I have three. And not the english albums :)
-RedBull. Its so bad for you especially when drank(or drunk) in quantities more than 20 oz., which of course I do. Well did. I'm off the stuff for now. Let's see how long we can keep it that way!
-SOUR PATCH! If I have a few bucks and they're available I'll buy 'em everytime. Sour straws, off brand, brand new, sour patch watermelons. They're soooooooooooo good.
-Tea. Man how I love tea. Although I did not drink nearly enough this summer, but in the fall and winter I can't survive without it. Green tea, black tea, white tea, roiboos, herb, or flower petals. It's so effing fantastic.
-mom's lasagna.
-NCIS, House, CSI, One Tree Hill. Damn primtime. Oh well.
-Laying in the grass and cloud watching. What else would you do with perfectly abundant Oregon clouds?
-watching Empire Records with my sister while she dances around like a lunatic
-sitting in a diesel pick up going anywhere

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You know, it's funny a thing, perception is.
I went and saw my mentor yesterday which was really nice. She got to asking me about Jimmy. Another bullet. Obviously I told her that we are no longer going out. Bonnie is such a sweetheart, she's always been there the last three years. I guess I never had the cojones to let her know that I could be a weak person. Bonnie asked who the new fella was. After telling her how small town but incredibly bright and open-minded Brandon is, she told me that I have interesting taste in men.

It's so weird to think that Jimmy was that much of a part of my life that even mentor really liked him. It didn't even occur to me that I forgot to send a mass message to anyone who has ever met him and I I(together that is) that we are no longer and not to ask anymore. Goodness gracious.

I never thought that life could be this bright, colorful, and lively. I'm much happier now. I love the sun.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I split total of about 12 cords of wood in the last two days with help.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You never really realize how stupid you were when you were younger until your sibling is at that age being just as stupid, or maybe a bit more. Oh how time flies.
In the last 2.5 years I have
  • received a GED from LBCC
  • enrolled at Oregon State University
    and completed 47 credits.
  • Moved out of my Dad's apt
  • Moved in with my sister while she was pregnant with my niece
  • Moved in with my 2 other sisters who were really crappy roommates
  • and finally moved back in with my Mom
  • taken a herd of 5 cows to 9 cows +4 lambs, 5 dairy goats(one being a smelly Billy), 2 turkeys, 25 laying hens, 2 geese, 2 pigs and 9 ducks.
  • bought my sweet ass laptop
  • worked at a summer camp which was by far the best Girl Scout camp experience ever having met a lot of sketchy creeper good friends.
  • grew a garden with tomato plants over six feet high!
  • canned a scrumptious plum sauce
  • picked something close to 50 lbs. of cherries
  • met someone great at Applebee's
  • read the best book of my life; "Way of The Peaceful Warrior"(DONT watch the movie, its HORRIBLE)
  • gone to Warped Tour for the first time ever
  • saw Taking Back Sunday for the second time and Blink 182
  • One Tree Hill is still the only soap that I watch
  • learned to be happy when its so much easier to be angry
  • loved having my own cala lillies.
Thats about it. I'm pleased.