Thursday, October 15, 2009

I really don't want to write my paper.

Blech. An email of intent, essentially its a preliminary report on what my research project proposal will be. But its still lame. Our project proposal is supposed to involve a company with poor Corporate Social Responsibility within our field, and then provide a suggestion on how they could improve it by joining or adding to a cause etc Blach!!!

I'm so tired, too. Not sleeping well, but that might be because of Jimmy's sudden desire to let me know of his existence. Why I'm not so sure. Haven't heard from this guy in over a year now, finally accept that for no apparent reason I am a horrible person and therefore should be ignored. Then POOF, a text message:/


Then a facebook message; "I've been a dick yea I know, reasons I was an immature retard. Why I haven't been saying shit is kind of a long story. But how have you been though, good I hope? How is school going, hope your mom an Katie are doing good. Message me if you want and whenever."

REALLY?!! Come on.