Friday, October 8, 2010

Another Planet Heard From!

Well not really-just me. I have an awful habit of telling myself I am going to blog about something, but then I don't. Horrible I know, but that's life. It sweeps you up and you have to keep up.

This summer I have acquired some new skills: canning mostly! We haven't gotten nearly as much accomplished this summer as we would have liked but we have done quite a bit. The garden this year was very fruitful, almost TOO fruitful. Not really, we just didn't harvest often enough to preserve things. The upside is that we have tons of tomatoes to can from the garden to go with the 120 lbs that are sitting in jars out in the garage. Sister made homemade grape jelly, it was fucking amazing. Rather impressive since she always claims she can't cook(this is the same woman who makes the world's best creamy shrimp orzo from scratch)!

School endeavors are off to a decent start. First exam is on Monday for Organic Chemistry, but that won't keep me down. I'll get it down. In fact, I have become a coffee consumer again. But not the crappy folgers, oh no it's better. Starbucks Kimodo Bold roast is heaven to wake up to every morning.

Lately there has been lots to write about but not nearly enough time to even log on. Some interesting posts would have been about The Scarred Man, Casino de Rueda aka Salsa Bootcamp, and of course food! But some things are better reserved and unexploited. But someday I have a feeling they will show up in a book. I did write a letter to my dearest BonBon, though.


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